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Responding to the site condition, the main spaces are orientated towards the lush park greenery for borrowed views. Entering the compound, one is cheerfully greeted by the trellis-filtered light above, the sound of flowing water keeps one in anticipation of a pond in the midst behind the green wall at the side. Variation in volumes is played up with the rising levels of the house. Entering through the full height main entrance, one experiences the sweeping space culminating in a double volume piano lounge, surrounded by a moat-like koi pond amidst the lush backdrop. The double height glazing highlights its pride of place and brings in trees-filtered daylight into the house. The 2nd level bridge above overlooks the piano lounge and the nature beyond. To top it off, the open roof terrace offers a panoramic view of the environs and is best enjoyed in the breezy evenings accompanied by a tranquil water lily pond.

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